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We deliver tailored outcomes through the provision of timely analysis and advice. Our focus is not on making money for the sake of making money but rather achieving your dream life with the lowest risk and highest efficiency possible. We do this through understanding you and your goals in depth and creating a solution that is not overwhelming, easy to execute and enjoyable.

Our firm is built on transparency, simplicity and flexibility

Our Services


Financial Education

Our financial consulting model is designed for go-getters that need some questions answered or maybe need an expert to shed light on areas they

are unsure about while doing the majority themselves.


Financial Foundations

Our once-off Financial Advice model allows you to come in, set up, review or change your structures in line with your goals without having to feel

obligated to be locked in forever and a day paying on-going fees – we generally do not offer this to anyone who hasn’t been a Wealth Management client for at least 12 months.​


Financial Growth

Sometimes it makes sense for us to do everything for you or at least set up the foundations, so you can focus on the things you love.

The Three Kings

Our Promise to You

Three Kings doesn't claim to be all things to all people

That’s why our clients love and refer us to their nearest and dearest.

We are honest, sometimes too honest, and understand that we can only help who we can help. However, we strive to give every person we engage with value and tools to better their financial situation. Our first step is to listen or/and identify what you are trying to achieve, understand your situation and come up with the next steps that are best for you with the lowest risk and highest efficiency whilst making sure it is a plan you can execute in a timely manner.

We put you on the right path so you can start kicking goals sooner rather than later.

Experience you can count on

Our Experts

Ryan King

Ryan King


Ryan (Kingy) is the founding director and head financial adviser at Three Kings Wealth Management. Ryan started this family after noticing there wasn’t a solution for people like us who want to live their best life today while still setting up tomorrow. He also wanted a place where the quality of your suit wasn’t the measure of your skill set. When he isn’t training, fighting, or playing golf, you’ll find him with his newborn son CJ (with another on the way), wife, and pups at home enjoying some TV, Nachos, and a nap or two.

Ryan is also a Veteran who served as an Infantry Corporal in the Second Battalion in the Australian Army until 2015. The lessons learned during this time showed him out there is more to life than money, though it still plays an important role in everyone’s life. It can be your best friend or worst enemy depending on your relationship with it.

This is why Three Kings focuses on keeping things Simple, Flexible, and Transparent through our Three Kings 3 Steps to Success process to ensure our clients take the power away from money and gain their control back to live their best lives today while still planning for tomorrow.