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Three Kings has tailored it's services for every client, it's experience you can count on

Even though the idea of financial planning is the same for everyone, the execution is always different down to an individual level and why cookie cutter approaches should not be taken. We understand the difference down to the most minor nuances for each of our preferred member categories and have developed packages, both tailored and member selected, to suit you now but to also be able to change with you as your life changes.


Financial Education

  1. It’s not always advice that you need, maybe just education and some questions answered, we are okay with that. We developed our Financial Education model for people not ready for advice either due to affordability or timing as well as for our existing clients so that at some point in the future you have the tools and knowledge to be empowered enough to do it yourself or at least understand on a deeper level what you are paying for and why you value that service.

  2. Our primary education tool is our Wealth Cartel Facebook group, feel free to join for free and engaging content, however, we also do seminars, have e-books and other articles and tools available for free and for purchase depending on what you are looking for.

Financial Foundations

  1. We know when we eat that we should eat our vegetables before our dessert, or when we build a house we must lay the slab and put up the structures before decorating the house, so why don’t we do this with our money? Well, we should! Financial Security and Freedom are often thrown around as what people want, however, these two definitions are very different and it is important to understand what they mean. Financial Security means you will still have to work towards your goals but if something unplanned or unfortunate occurred, you and your family would still be okay, as a backup plan. While Financially Free means you never have to work again and you will be okay. The thing is, we NEED to be financially secure to be financially free but we don’t need to be financially free to be financially secure. Most people can be financially secure within 6 months if the right steps are taken. Our financial Foundations are all about making you financially secure before we move onto to attacking financially free planning! This includes budgeting and cashflow management, wealth protection planning and insurances, backup retirement planning and superannuation, debt management, and homeownership.

Financial Growth

  1. Now that we are financially secure, we can start working on becoming financially free in line with whatever your own definition of that is. Financial Freedom means you can choose to wake up and do whatever it is you choose to do without it being impacted by financial pressures or obligations. In this phase we start rapidly accumulating wealth through investments, property acquisitions, tax and debt strategies, business planning or growth, structuring, income growth as well as increasing lifestyle and decreasing the things we no longer want to do such as the 9 to 5 rat race, if that is what you choose. Once we are on track to our basic definition of financial freedom we start to climb our priority ladder away from needs and into the wants focusing on things like nicer cars, bigger homes, earlier financial independence or retirement, more travel etc. Until we are living the dream life we desire. It doesn’t come easy and it doesn’t come straight away, but stick to the plan and it will come.