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Three Kings doesn't claim
to be all things to all people.

That’s why our clients love and refer us to their nearest and dearest.

  1. We help young ambitious go-getters and hustlers discover the framework on how to achieve that perfect balance between setting up your financial future, while still being able to enjoy the present and not sacrifice today’s lifestyle while you are still in your prime.

  2. Our objective is to guide those wanting to live a life of fulfillment through providing financial security, wealth creation all while living life to the fullest in the present using the lowest risk and highest efficiency financial strategies possible that match the psychology of each individual.

  3. We do this through our Three Kings 3 Steps to Success process making complex advice simple while maintaining flexibility for life’s changes and above all else, remaining transparent throughout our partnership.


“We put you on the right path so you can start kicking goals sooner rather than later.”

Core Values

Every report, study, peer to peer or peer to customer review always finds the same three main drivers to uncover why Australian’s Financial Literacy is so bad, yet they still don’t seek help. There are too many secrets and dishonest practices across the Industry, such as fees or aspects of the service not being explained properly, leaving a lack of transparency. Many times the conversations and advice come across to be too complex and technical; leading the consumer to feel dumb and to obtain no value from the service they paid for. These engagements pigeonhole them to feel like they must pay whatever price as they could not do it for themself. It made them think typical advice firms run unchangeably and follow a ‘fit in or get out’ style of advice & pricing, as well as cookie-cutter approaches.

This is the why behind the development of our core values on these 3 pillars: Transparency, Simplicity & Flexibility


Honest communication and complete understanding of your financial situation is vital to build a long, healthy and positive relationship which will ensure you continue to focus on making your goals into your reality. Whether it is fees, operations or anything else, we stand tall in making sure we are open and share exactly what the reality is behind everything to do with your money. Sometimes it may not be what you want to hear, but you can guarantee it is the truth. In most cases, it is what you need to hear.


Financial Planning is meant to be simple; you are at X you want to get to Z but you are currently heading to Y, all you need to do is bridge that gap. Sounds simple, and it should be, but many variables go into this answer that can become super complex. 

Our job is to remove that complexity to allow you to spend more time doing what you do best and what you love. May it be spending your time with your family and loved ones, building your career, or just enjoying the life you work so hard to provide.  Our client’s motto is to “Control the controllable” and fortunately, there are very few of those. What we do is ensure that as long as you are controlling the controllable, the rest is taken care of and you stay on track. With that said, our transparent nature means you will know EVERYTHING that is going on but you don’t have to waste time focusing on them. This is the first step to putting the power back in your hands and begin creating a healthy relationship with money.



Have you ever had an idea of how you would like to do something and then when you do execute it, the only way to do so is the way someone else wants, which doesn’t fit at all in with what you had in mind?

We get it, that’s why our plans and packages are simple yet tailored to every single need and want not only from a pricing perspective but from an execution and advice perspective as well. We know that no two people have the same idea so why should you all follow the same path. On paper buying that red Ferrari is a terrible financial decision…but what if that is your one life goal and deepest darkest desire, who are we to say otherwise. Our job isn’t to pigeonhole you into what we think is best according to our own personal prejudices. We are here to challenge your way of thinking and get you coming up with what your true life goals are. Then, making recommendations on how to achieve that as efficiently and risk-free as possible. Our job is to make recommendations but at the end of the day it is your life and your money, it is your job to make the decisions, which we will hold you too.

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Three Kings doesn't claim
to be all things to all people.

That’s why our clients love and refer us to their nearest and dearest.